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Pot smokers no longer want to share joints BUT they want joints to share

Shaun Chapman, Director of Government Relations at Weedmaps, speaks with CKNW Weekend Mornings’ host Stirling Faux about Candain cannabis consumption and how attitudes have shifted since the pandemic.

Author: Eli London

Publication: 980 CKNW Weekend Mornings Radio



BRAUN: Canadians warming to legal pot shops, says poll

“Weedmaps spokesperson Bridget Hennessey explained that familiarity with retail cannabis stores seems to engender support — those with a pot shop in their neighbourhood are now almost twice as likely to express support for the stores over those who don’t have one nearby.

“We are not seeing the backlash and negativity once expected when new retail stores open in neighbourhoods,” said Hennessey, who also noted she hears positive reports from consumers who visit the retail pot stores.”

Author: Liz Braun

Publication: Toronto Sun



12 Predictions for the Future of Consumer Cannabis

“Local is an important word in the cannabis lexicon. Supporting the people who started this industry — many of whom went to jail for doing so — along with the communities and neighborhoods decimated by the failed war on drugs is more than a trend. It’s the foundation of the entire industry. ‘ – Bridget Hennessey, VP Government Relations, Weedmaps”

Author: Eli London

Publication: Inside Hook



Is the Cannabis Industry as Inclusive as it Claims to Be?

“Bridget Hennessey, the Vice President of Government Relations at Weedmaps, jumped into the marijuana business to guide equitable and inclusive legislation for decriminalized cannabis; and to make sure female voices have a seat at the table. She joined Cheddar to discuss.”

Author: N/A




Annus Horribilis? 2020 was a bad year. Except for Cannabis.

“But one industry marshalled through 365 days and came out ahead: cannabis. Joe Biden may have won the 2020 presidential election, but cannabis won the year.”

Author: Bridget Hennessey

Publication: Medium



Ballot measures for local access to
legal cannabis rack up wins in California

“Californians will stop at nothing for safer, more reliable and convenient access to legal cannabis. There were more than 35 pro-cannabis ballot measures up for consideration throughout the Golden State on Election Day. Thirty-one of them were victorious.”

Author: Bridget Hennessey

Publication: CalMatters



Cannabis Reform Wins Big On
Election Day, Bodes Well For Weed Industry

“Hennessey said that the results show that the federal government has to embrace the growing sector as a job creator and force for change in society.

If we want this industry to grow, prosper and become a part of mainstream American commerce, we have got to remove the often insurmountable roadblocks the industry currently faces,” Hennessey says, calling for banking and credit opportunities.”

Author: Andrew Ward

Publication: Benzinga



Cannabis On The 2020 Ballot Could Affect Neighboring States

“Cannabis on the ballot is getting people “engaged, energized and involved,” said Bridget Hennessy, Vice President of Government Relations at industry analyst Weedmaps. “Cannabis voters are out in force.”

Author: Julie Weed

Publication: Forbes



As states face budget shortfalls,
cannabis and sports betting could flourish

“Likewise, the cannabis industry provides ‘an economic opportunity, and a way to build some stimulus’ for jurisdictions now in need of funding, according to Bridget Hennessey, vice president of government relations at Weedmaps.”

Author: Rey Mashayekhi

Publication: Fortune



How the U.S. Elections Will Shape
The Cannabis Industry With Cedric Haynes

“As a former Subcommittee Director in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Law School graduate of Mississippi College, Cedric Haynes discusses the importance of black people being involved in legislation on every level, as well as the impact the 2020 elections will have on the Cannabis Industry.”

Author: N/A

Publication: Black Enterprise



How marijuana legalization advocates across
the U.S. are fighting to end the war on cannabis.

“Alex Todd, Saucey Farms & Extracts co-founder; Jim Jones, hip-hop artist and Saucey Farms & Extracts co-founder; Jessica Jackson, chief advocacy officer of the Reform Alliance; and Cedric Haynes, director of public policy and partnerships for Weedmaps sat down with Yahoo Life to discuss how to reform the cannabis industry.”

Author: Tatiana Pile

Publication: Yahoo Life



Weedmaps Takes on California’s Complex
Legal Cannabis Market in Docuseries ‘Uprooted’

“Last year, advocates rightly criticized the City’s social equity application process. It was complicated, confusing and unfair. Issues like burdensome and expensive property requirements, as well as a thorny submission process left people feeling cheated and dismissed…To their credit, LA’s Department of Cannabis Regulation listened. And they became more aware of how their processes and procedures have the potential to inflict more harm on the communities that they are charged to help…So this time, they are moving forward by incorporating changes from the lessons learned and suggestions from their stakeholders. They are being more thoughtful, intentional and pragmatic… When it comes to people’s lives and livelihoods, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work.” – Cedric Haynes

Author: Aubrey Bracco

Publication: The Bluntness



Cannabis + Legalization: A Dispatch from the Frontline

“Cannabis’ + ‘legalization’ shouldn’t make New Jersians nervous. The combination of those words should and will, however, make us safer, healthier, and more comfortable. Cannabis legalization will contribute to our prosperity, security, and mobility; will enhance opportunity, and play a role in ensuring fairness for all New Jersians, and it will most certainly afford unlimited options and possibilities for those of us in the noble pursuit of happiness.”

Author: Alex Lleras

Publication: Medium



Good job!

“Cannabis workers and the cannabis industry certainly benefit from unionization in so many important ways. And the labor movement benefits as it embraces this emerging industry. As the negotiating term goes, it’s ‘win-win.'”

Author: Carl Fillichio

Publication: Medium



A New Budget Solution That’s Been Around for A While

“Expanding cannabis retail is money on the table for many local leaders throughout California. And it’s money that their constituents (as well as state officials, civil rights and labor leaders, health advocates and others) want them to take. It’s not the answer for everything, but done smartly, with a balanced approach that considers social equity, public safety, consumer demand, and patient needs, cannabis retail can have an impact.”

Author: Brian Allison

Publication: Medium


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