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Introducing: A Higher Authority

As policy and perception continue to evolve, a growing need has emerged for reputable, relevant, and provocative discourse on issues impacting the global cannabis industry. Medical patients, adult-use consumers, advocates, and lawmakers are seeking  accurate information on cannabis legalization and related issues.

When it comes to the latest in all-things cannabis policy, we all could benefit from the wisdom and analysis of a Higher Authority.

This blog is a vessel for industry knowledge. The team at WM Policy holds decades of legislative, regulatory, and public policy experience, with an impressive record of achievement in local, state, and national political campaigns, advocacy efforts, and policy debates. 

Forthcoming posts will provide science-backed analytical and actionable briefs on top issues of industry concern – including access to legal cannabis, fostering social equity and an inclusive industry, prioritizing safety, creating and growing efficient markets, and ensuring sensible taxation and regulatory oversight.

Higher Authority will opine on breaking cannabis news, highlight WM Policy research and resources, feature the work of the WM Policy team and its strategic partners, and explore complex policy topics impacting the cannabis industry. And we will do so in an easy-to-understand language and digestible format. 

As cannabis legalization and reform takes root across the nation and around the world, misinformation, half-truths, spin and gossip-presented-as fact will flourish.  To break through the noise, trust a Higher Authority.