About Weedmaps

With a relentless belief in the power of cannabis and the imperative of safe and legal access to it,  Weedmaps is the technology enterprise powering the global cannabis industry. 

Founded in Southern California in 2008, the visionary and innovative people of Weedmaps are the architects and builders of the world’s most comprehensive cannabis-centric technology platform for both medical patients and adult consumers.

Weedmappers’ passion for creating new and better ways to connect legal cannabis to the people who need and love it, including state-of-the art doctor/patient records management systems, path-breaking software solutions that ensure  business compliance in the highly-regulated legal cannabis space, and business-to-business technology that fosters more efficient commerce within the industry.  The company’s commitment to accessibility includes cannabis knowledge and education, evidenced by its unique  partnerships with dozens of subject matter experts in the fields of science,  medicine and horticulture. As a result, Weedmaps provides on its app and website the most comprehensive repository of information about the plant, its history, availability and numerous benefits.

Weedmaps’ mission is to power a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy, and has been a driving force behind much of the medical and adult-use  cannabis legalization in the past decade.

About WM Policy

We are the government relations, research, education and public engagement arm of Weedmaps.

Our priorities

Our goal is to advance and implement sound legislative, regulatory  and public policies that create and foster safe, fair, reasonably-regulated and profitable  cannabis marketplaces. To get there, our work centers around the following priorities:

Protecting and Expanding Access:

Our efforts ensure that  access to legal cannabis is sufficient so that  medical patients and  adult-use consumers are discouraged from turning to the illicit market. Our vision of appropriate access includes sufficient retail density, delivery services in all jurisdictions, and a  full range of legitimate medical ailments and conditions eligible for a doctor’s recommendation. 

Fostering Social Equity and an Inclusive Industry:

We help build markets where fairness, inclusivity, diversity and social equity are the core, so that those disproportionately  impacted by the failed “War on Drugs” have the proper tools and resources to thrive in the competitive cannabis industry. From expunging criminal records and breaking down barriers to entry, to broadening opportunities for market participation through thoughtfully established, rigorously designed and appropriately delivered social equity programs, we endeavor for  diverse and inclusive marketplaces.

Establishing Reasonable Taxation:

A fundamental premise of our work is that taxes should not be the vehicle that drives patients and adult consumers to the illicit market.

Demonstrating a Commitment to Safety:

We initiate continuous health and safety initiatives through partnerships, public education campaigns and legislative/regulatory enhancements and subscribe to a culture of continuous safety awareness and improvement.

Advancing State-of-the-Art Lab Testing:

Robust standards for lab testing and lab independence from retail operators is a critical component of a safe and successful cannabis  marketplace. We partner with science and safety advocates to develop standards in tandem with emerging cannabis research and best practices.

Creating and Growing Efficient Markets:

  • Unrealistic restrictions on cross-licensure or onerous requirements for unnecessary layers, like monopolistic, independent distributors, drive entrepreneurs and investors away from emerging cannabis markets. We work with the appropriate stakeholders and policy makers to craft  licensing requirements that are well-tailored to legitimate needs. 


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