What We Do

Since our inception in 2008, Weedmaps has been the leading innovator in developing software and platforms that drive the cannabis industry.  Our platform consists of the following main verticals:
  • Weedmaps Core: This platform provides advertising services to dispensaries, delivery services and doctors. For dispensaries and delivery services we provide the ability for consumers to browse menus and products as well as reviews.
    • Menus: Menus are generated by manual entry or can be updated real-time through integration with third-party point of sale systems. We accept direct menu updates from numerous POS’ and provide an open API for additional POS’ to push menu data.
    • Lab Data: Lab data on the platform is only pushed directly from accredited laboratories and we currently receive lab data from over 130 labs with more coming online each month. All lab results expire and have to be refreshed with new data.  We recently launched support for full cannabinoid and terpene testing information and are actively working to educate labs, brands and dispensaries that including broader lab testing results is critical for consumer safety and decision-making.
    • Photos: We employ over 100 freelance photo and video professionals to populate the site with detailed and informative photos that showcase what products dispensaries carry. This service is provided free to ensure customers get the best data possible.
    • Competitors: The primary competitors to Core are Yelp and Google Local. We also face competition from dozens of copycat sites which steal our data and infringe our IP.  Simply put, we seek to differentiate ourselves by providing better lab data, learning tools and information to consumers.
  • Weedmaps Brands: Launched in February 2017, the Brands platform is revolutionary new product that allows marijuana brands to tell their brand story, showcase their products and surface reliable data on lab testing and where products can be purchased. It also allows consumers to review and discuss products and their effects.
    • Anti-Counterfeiting: The Brands platform combats counterfeiting and surreptitious product movement by allowing Brands to review and verify dispensary menu listings claiming to sell their products.
    • Consumer Safety: Consumers can see a verified product mark on dispensary menu items that have been verified by the Brand.  Additionally, they can review the applicable product description and consumer reviews for applicable verified product.
    • Photos: Like the Core platform, we have spent over a year generating product photos for Brands to ensure that consumers can get a better visual sense of products.
  • MMJ Menu & The Green One: These platforms are dispensary point of sale systems with MMJ Menu being used in the U.S. and Canada and The Green One being used in Spain.  MMJ Menu is compliant with numerous state reporting systems and is one of the most utilized POS systems in the U.S.
  • Safe Access MD (SAMD): SAMD is a cloud-based software solution that allows cannabis doctors to administer and manage prescriptions and patients.  The system is currently used by doctors throughout the U.S. and allows them to maintain compliance with state-specific law.
  • Marijuana.com/Weedmaps TV: The platforms are the outlet for our news and lifestyle content.  Through these platforms we publish content ranging from investigative journalism to product reviews to current event coverage.  On our video platform, we provide content that includes medical learning, industry events and lifestyle.